At a time when we celebrate the 50 years of the legalization of contraception in France, there seems to be a renewed interest in research on contraception, with new perspectives emerging on the subject, particularly gender perspectives. Our group aims at gathering research – our work and the work of other researchers – on contraception in a gender studies perspective. Its members are pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral research in various fields : sociology, history, anthropology, demography, political sciences and public health.

Our group has met regularly since January, 2017 to discuss there areas of research, and to share analyses on common research materials or common questionnings, in order to expand hypotheses explored individually. We are members of the RJCSS (“Health and Society” young researchers Network), and constituted as a workshop of the EFiGiES Association. We also obtained the “Junior Lab” label thanks to the support of La Cité du Genre of the Sorbonne Paris Cité University (HALL – USPC) as of march, 2017.

We organize a quarterly research seminar on current french research on contraception, where young researchers and more experienced ones can present their ongoing research.

Moreover, we organized on December, 18th and 19th 2017 an international conference on “Gender and Contraception: What Kind of (R)evolutions ?”, in the context of the celebration of the 50 years of the Neuwirth Law legalizing contraception in France. The conference aims at discussing new perspectives on contraception worldwide, with a focus on gender power relations.

The member of the Junior lab will then dedicate their time to publish or publicized the proceedings of the conference, and to edit a special number on Gender and Contraception in order to submit it to a scientific publishor.