Junior Lab

This group of young researchers aims at sharing their research on contraception and on sexual health, in a gender studies perspective. Its members are pursuing doctoral or postdoctoral research in various fields : sociology, history, anthropology, demography, political sciences and public health.

Our group has obtained the “Junior Lab” label thanks to the support of La Cité du Genre of the Sorbonne Paris Cité University (HALL – USPC) as of march, 2017.

In septembre 2020, we obtained a grant from Campus Condorcet Paris-Aubervilliers to develop our scientific activities during the academic year 2020-2021.

logo_efigiesWe are also constituted as a workshop of the EFiGiES Association. Founded in 2003, EFiGiES seeks to create a solidarity between students, graduates, and young researchers in the field of Women studies and Gender and Sexualities research, by bringing together their knowledge and information.




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